365 week 7

Monday 15th February
I am home (in Bristol) for a week which means I get to see a lot of the doglet! I love his green eyes and the way he curls up in a really small ball.

Charlie eye

Shrove Tuesday. Kwojo and I get creative with veggie savoury fillings for our pancakes. Yum :)

Shrove Tuesday

Had a good day meeting up with an old friend (Chloe), but am definately coming down with something and didn't have the energy to take a photo of her. Enjoying time with the furry fellow, but he gets tired too :)

Paw and toy

I am definately ill, Kwojo is here to keep me company. That is is hat. Seems fitting as my room is particuarly cold tonight.

His hat, my bed

This photo sums up my day perfectly, as I spent most of it in bed with my box of tissues never far away. Being ill sucks.

A day of bed and tissues

Feeling less ill, and a sunny day helps :) The tree and birdfeeder is in my parents garden, the teepee is in a field. It's been there a while and I'm curious to see it closer (maybe someone lives there?).

Feed the birds

Feeling less ill and have the sudden urge to cook! Sweet potato and roasted red pepper soup, yum, recipe (and more photos) over here.

Simmering soup

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