365 week 8

Monday 22nd February
I'm still at home in Bristol, as I'm still ill. Leo's room is being decorated which means it's almost empty and very white. Everything in this photo is white, everything.


Back in Chester and feeling unwell again. This is my ugly textured wallpaper that I often pick at when I'm lying in bed.


Less ill, but not back to normal yet. The canteen is the place that I find I work best, better than in the library or my room. I love sitting by the window and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin.

Shiny canteen

Money to pay bills.


Finally a day when taking my daily photo inspires me and doesn't feel like a chore. I love getting the rush when I remember how beautiful the world is. The same houses as the chimneys in Day 13, but this photo was taken at the front of the houses rather than the back. I love the layers in this photo. A day of indecision and inspiration. I can't decide between these four photos, any input?

Chimneys at sunset

Kingsway buildings

Cloudscape at sunset

Lone chimney

Feeling nostalgic about travels and warm weather. In this little wooden box (which Steph gave me!) live the shells I collected on beaches of Mozambique and South Africa.

Box of memories

Coursework to do, seem to have spent the whole day staring at this screen. Sigh.

The computer stole my day


  1. Friday's photos are lovely, even the first or the third is best! Yay for the box! See you very sooooon x

  2. I can't stop looking at the texture of your wall, imagining how it feels and getting (gross) shivers down my spine!