October, November, December crafting


Batik. I spent ages practising different images and patterns and techniques of wax on fabric. It was a lovely process actually as the hot wax smell filled my house and reminded me of when I learnt batik in Java. Anyway, I used machine dye and stupidly didn't pre-empt the fact that a 40*C wash would melt the wax. So, my pieces just came out blue with only a hint of pattern. No photos of that.


Birthday bunting for Steph! Complete with applique teapots, skull and crossbones, and uteri.

A silver ring for Kwojo. Hammered for texture, and silver pieces soldered on. It fits! Phew.

Little felt mouse for Ivy (a birthday present). Started at Steiner playgroup, finished at home.

Applique dinosaur top for Ivy (a birthday present). This was ridiculously difficult and I spent more time unpicking stitches than I did sewing. I hand stitched in the end because the shape was too complicated not to make a mess of on the machine. But it was quite nice to do, and reminded me that I do really like hand sewing even if I can't figure out why.

A greetings coaster for a friend far away.

A flower broach for Kwojo's Mum for Christmas. This was a combination on machine and hand sewing, including sewing on tiny beads. I did this while I was ill, and it was really nice to have something to focus on, and it turned out beautifully. I forgot to take a photo of it though :(

Rainbow (sort of) bunting for Kwojo's birthday. Because, you know, our house doesn't have enough bunting already...

A Steiner style doll for Ivy (birthday present)! I used the pattern from this book and the advice of the lovely Kerstin from Playfull Toyshop. I went for a really simple one and was suprised to have finished it the same day I started it! So pleased with it, and even want to make more (!).


Two matching Bunny tops, one for Eve for Christmas and the other for Ivy for her birthday. The nice thing about doing two is that the second one is so much quicker, easier and neater!

The feather garland that nearly didn't happen, because even though I'd made that practice feather for Steph way back in October, I couldn't seem to do it again. I spent so much time getting it wrong and wanting to cry, and then I just realised I could make a pattern for it. So I did and then it was straightforward. I was really, really pleased with these, and luckily Emmelie and Jake seem to like them too (Christmas present).

Skeleton tea cosy fo Steph. This is another project that I was really pleased with. I had the idea years ago to do a tea cosy that was like an x-ray of a teapot, but couldn't really figure out how to do it. Then this year I remembered, and found a way, and did it! So, normal teapot on one side, x-ray on the other, and godzilla fabric inside because why the hell not?!

A drum stick bag for Kwojo (which he requested). 

And an applique tea pot top for a 3rd birthday (not Ivy's).

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