February crafting

9. 12 fish for Josh (I'll have to ask him for a photo sometime) as part of a skills swap (he's helping me with my business card design). These should have been simple enough but ended up being a bitch. I hand sewed about half because the thickness of material was making my machine very unhappy. I didn't mind the handsewing though as I was watching Dexter at the time.

10. Doily Lion applique top for Ivy. Inspiration from here and here. Mostly handsewing! (and watching Dexter..). I'm really pleased with it!

11. Oversized 'Greetings Coaster' for Kwojo as a late Christmas present. 100% handsewn (more Dexter...), with a some of our words to live by on: Wild and Free, and, Have Fun & Grow. I really like this. And I LOVE hand sewing words.

12. A needle book for Julia, also a late Christmas present. Very quick and satisfying to sew up! Machine sewn, as this is the point where I finished season 7 of Dexter.

13. A snowdrop fairy to match our crocus fairy from last year. I like crafts that reflect the seasons, and it's especially nice when that is coming out of Winter and into Spring. Lovely to see the snowdrops and crocuses popping up around the parks and farm, so we bought some for our garden too. All handsewn (but no Dexter).

14. A doll for Leyla's 2nd birthday, in blue as that's her favourite colour. An improvement on Ivy's doll in a few ways, like no puckering of fabric around the neck. I also attempted shaping the head properly (rather than just stuffing it), but when the instructions say that the wool needs to really hard, it turns out they were right. So, the face is a bit flat and big, but it's ok. I quite like how the hair came out, tried to make it curly and wild like Leyla's.

15. Amber and silver pendant for myself. This may look simple enough in design, but I spent five weeks (3 hours per week in class) working on this, and at least five hours of that was spent filing to get the bezel to be the right shape for the stone. So much filing! I was very, very please to finish this. Also, this stone was given to me by my cousin for my 18th birthday, when I was doing a jewellery course the first time around. So, it feels great to have finally made something with it! Definitely for myself. This is actually the back, where I was more lazy about filing to get the right shape to fit the stone, so it's a bit sloppy. The front is much neater, honest!

16. Batik style card for my Dad's birthday, using layers of wax and ink and water colours. It came out nicely. I forgot to take a photo.


  1. Hi. I love the handmade coasters you make with embroidery on them! I've been reading back through your blog! You are so creative! It's fun to see what all you have made! Amazing! I'm going to add you to my blog list. I am sewing for my grandkids and doing sort of mommy-like stuff same as you are! LOL. Once a Mom, always a Mom! hehehe.

  2. Oh, and very cool needle case, which I need. You have inspired me to make one! Thx!