January crafting

My creative-a-day finished projects for 2014. Trying to do these posts monthly again. This year with numbers!

1. Birthday card for my Mum. This may have been the bunting design again? No photo.

2. Dinosaur birthday card for Ivy. Yes, her birthday was not in January, but at least I had it finished by her party (which is more than can be said for last years, which doesn't yet exist...).

3. Dinosaur reversible circle skirt for Ivy. I love the colliding of gender stereotypes in a single garment, skirts are so girly, dinosaurs are put in the 'boys things' pile. My girl loves dinosaurs.

4. January 2011 in our family photo album. Yes I am exactly three years behind now. This is my favourite page, the writing says "These pages sum up the early days well; sleeping, breastfeeding, nappy changes and gazing at our sweet baby!"

5 & 6. Two crocheted scarves for two small people. A Christmas present, ooops.

7. Applique dinosaur top for one of Ivy's friends, who also likes dinosaurs. I actually made this one in time for his birthday, by the way.

8. Felted leggings for Ivy. A project started at our Steiner playgroup (in November maybe?) and finally finished. Made by sewing together the arms of an old wool jumper that had been hot washed to felt it. They are really cosy and she actually likes wearing them, which surprised me a little.

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