July, August, September Crafting

Summer is where it slows down craftingwise. I didn't even do something creative every day because we spent so much time just being outside and enjoying the amazing weather, and Ivy stopped napping because there was just too much fun to be had (maybe mostly my doing), so by the time she was in bed I was exhausted (in a very happy way) too.


I painted a bunting wedding card for my cousin and his wife. No photos. As usual too last minute to remember to take a photo!

A waterproof bike seat cover for Kwojo. I just made this up and tried to figure it out myself. Turned out the plastic fabric I used (which was the big plastic floor covering from Ivy's messy Baby Led Weaning days) was too stiff and thick and didn't really bend properly, so I had to add in a shoe lace to tie it down as the elastic wasn't enough. The result was rather like a shower cap and I claimed it for my own as it was too embarrassing to expect Kwojo to be seen in public with. He was very polite and even quite complimentary about it though.

I made a Greetings Coaster for my brother for his graduation. It said "Con-GRAD-ulations". I know. No photos.


This was an accidental project. I was going to make pyjama shorts for myself and picked out a fabric from my stash which was red with big black polka dots. Ivy saw it on my sewing table and said "I need to wear my ladybird dress!". She doesn't have and never has had a ladybird dress but clearly the fabric was so inspiring that it led her to believe that she did in fact have one. It was funny. So I thought I'd make her something with any leftover from my shorts. Well, the shorts were another one of those "I can figure this out without a pattern" ideas, which ended up with me incredibly confused and cutting all of the wrong pieces out. By the time I realised the error of my ways there was not enough fabric left to make myself shorts, so I made Ivy some instead. Again, not following a pattern, just based on an existing pair of shorts. I even did different front and back pieces! It's a satin-y fabric which is why it looks shiny.

Fabric bags for my cousin's daughter's 2nd birthday's. Another "I can figure it out myself" projects, except I did and it worked out well. Phew! The only bit I didn't do were the handles because when I was shopping for handles my Mum suggested I should just make some from the same fabric as the bags. I said that would be tricky. She said it would be easy. So I said ok you do it. She did, and wouldn't you know it turned out to be tricky! The bags are fully lined and have pockets too. When Ivy saw them she gasped and exclaimed "You made little pockets!" and I thought "Yes I am awesome". (They are actually the same shape and size, photo was taken on an angle)

And bunting for a Welcome to the World present for another cousin's brand new baby.


Pyjama shorts for me. Attempt number two, using an alternative fabric. I completed them, but wouldn't exactly say they were a success. Think clown pants. Yeah, no photos. A moment of "definitely using a pattern next time". Will I ever learn? Probably not. I probably just like making my brain hurt.

A broach branch, to go with my necklace branch!

Doll bedding for Ivy as I'd decided to make her a doll for her birthday since she started showing an interest in them. My friend gave us a doll's Moses basket a while ago which was hers when she was little, and I'd stashed it away until Ivy was interested in dolls. I wish I'd taken 'before' photos because it was ugly. Garish pink, 80's nightmarish pattern, lots of frills. So I dyed the sheet blue and sewed together a patchwork of scraps from Ivy's own quilt to cover the blanket and pillow.

And a fabric feather, instead of a birthday card for Steph. It didn't even have a greeting on, I had to say that myself. And I forgot to take a photo.

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