Christmas Day (25th)

Kwojo and I were both so excited for Ivy to see her new bike on Christmas morning, but she was barely interested! She commented that it was a bike, handled it a bit but didn't want to get on, and then wandered off with her breakfast! She was with us when we bought it, and tried one out in the shop - she wanted to get on it without prompting, and rode around the shop without help, then was sad to have to leave it there. So either she is punishing us for making her wait so long (two months!) or our mistake was in not wrapping it.

We went to Steph's for breakfast, it was so refreshing to walk there (though not a pretty walk at all) after two days of getting in and out of the car and hardly walking at all!

Ivy didn't quite get what her pots and pans were for at first, so we did some fake cooking in them. We were enthusiastically moving the invisible food around in the pan with the spatula and telling her what we were cooking, and she just looked at us with an expression that said "Poor you, your brain has broken". Once she found some actual objects to cook, then she got it. And was busy putting them in, lid on, lid off, object in another pan, lid on, etc.

We went to the park, and Ivy threw her head back and grinned! It was a good day for the park, sunny and not too cold.

We played and climbed and bounced.

After a nap at home, we went to my parents for the evening and to be fed. They gave Ivy and table and chairs, which they had the sense to hide under a blanket so that Ivy felt like she was actually opening something! And my brother gave her a plastercine set with little cookie cutters, so that was pretty much our evening sorted. When she'd push down hard on the cookie cutters, her little legs would lift up too!

At bedtime, I asked Ivy what her new bear is called. She "hmm"ed, looked at the label, and then declared "Sleepsuit. Sleepsuit87" I love toddlers.

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