Boxing Day (26th)

We went to the theatre to see Hey Diddle Diddle with Steph. Ivy went into meltdown mode as soon as we stepped foot inside the Old Vic and I wondered if this was going to be an awful experience to give us all fear of taking child to the theatre. But as soon as the show started she calmed down and remained calm (and slobbed out on my lap like I am her own personal human armchair) and was totally transfixed for the whole hour!

We also had amazing (and cheap!) lunch. That kind of amazing where you eat in silence apart from the occasional "this is so good".

At home we had new (Christmas present) tea, and cake, and watched a film. Then friends over in the evening for curry, and more cake! It was a perfect Boxing Day (apart from having to walk home in the rain without raincoats or umbrellas, Ivy was fine under her rain cover even if she did protest).

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