23rd & 24th

A family tour and over night stay. We saw 16 family members in 24 hours! Ivy was amazing. She was always shy at first arriving at a new place, but given space and time would warm up to her new surroundings and get to know these unfamiliar people.

She was enchanted by my aunt's big-little deer, and tree-less Christmas tree. She was really excited to notice the reflection of the lights above us in the skylight window. I love these moments of discovery and wonder.

We mainly did this trip to visit my Grandma as she was unable to visit us, and Ivy was keen to show her her new toy. Presents were exchanged and unwrapped, so this was another Christmas. Not saving presents for Christmas day is more fun!


Christmas Eve is a popular day to travel. Ivy and I arrived home exhausted but to lovely friend visitors. Ivy had had enough though and was inconsolable until we put her to bed, she was asleep before 6pm! I had a lovely evening with friends, a bit of a tradtion but usually at the pub. We put together Ivy's Christmas present, a balance bike, but realised we didn't have enough wrapping paper left! Steph cleaned the mould off the kitchen walls is a slightly frenzied way, and we decorated our tree with tiny reindeer pegs (Steph's serious pegging face).

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