27th, 28th & 29th

After Christmas day, we hid Ivy's bike. This evening we wrapped it using pre-used wrapping paper, patchwork style. Proud.


This photo shows a rare moment of calm and loveliness in an outing which otherwise made me think "Why am I doing this? What made me think leaving the house with a toddler was a good idea?!". This calm was provided by polystyrene packing shapes and many baskets. Ivy was kept busy distributing them!

This morning Ivy asked to wear her Baby Doll (that's it's name, not quite at creative at Sleepsuit87) on her back, so I used a scarf for a wrap. I was squeeing on the inside the whole time, especially when she was turning around and talking to the doll "Baby Doll, road? Road?" which means, shall we go out.

The afternoon was lovely, with two friends coming round (more cake eating!) and the start of Ivy's birthday present opening.

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