30th (birthday eve)

Ivy's last day of being a one year old. Ivy spent the morning at a panto with her grandparents, then spent time with my brother and his girlfriend. Ivy had been asking for three days "when Sarah coming?" and when laying the table she would tell me "Sarah fork, Sarah knife, UncLeo fork, UncLeo knife". I got down to some last minute birthday sewing (mostly not for Ivy though, as her friend shares her birthday). And then I felt a little lost without my cuddly girl, so embarked on some egg free baking for Ivy's birthday party.

When Ivy was brought home she opened the rest of the presents from her Granny and Grandad. Apparently for each of the two presents she'd already opened (a dress and a flask) she'd said "Ooooh label!".

I took photos at a slightly obsessive rate. We played in the garden ("this is the last time she will play in the garden as a one year old!"). She noticed the upside down dog bowl on the windowsill, and was very concerned that Charlie would have no water (the "why?" hand gesture). And looked up and the sky and "WOW!" the sky was grey so quick lets get inside before we are rained on.

Ivy napped on me ("last time she will fall asleep on me as a one year old!").

One very sleepy and very ready for bed one year old. She just sinks into you when she is tired.

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