Hello December!

I'm pretty excited about Christmas this year, not just the day, but the whole month of merriment. This morning we started on the first and second of our Festive Fayre and Market visiting. We even spotted Father Christmas on his lunch break! As we were queing to order our drinks (one white Americano and one Babycino) I asked Ivy if we should get a mince pie "IvyPie!"* which I think means yes. So we had our first mince pie of the season...

And the first of December also marks the countdown to Ivy's second birthday. I now have a 23 month old, wow! I'm going to see if I can do a photo (and blog post) a day for the whole month.

* She also uses this for Babycino -> IvyCino, TildaCino, etc
RolyPoly -> MummyPoly, EmmyPoly, IvyPoly...

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