Sleep (deprivation)

I have started to read The No-Cry Sleep Solution in the hope of finding some solutions to our broken night-times that work for both Ivy and I. I am only managing to read a few pages at a time so I haven't got to the bit of the book that provides me with solutions, but I have cottoned onto the fact that I need to keep a sleep log, and also that Ivy needs a lot more daytime sleep than she has been having. So for the record, this was last night:

Night wakings: 6
Night feeds: 5
Periods of consecutive sleep: ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours 25 minutes
Total night sleep: 10 hours

She went to bed at 9.15pm and woke for the day at 8.12am.

It's amazing how you learn to manage on little sleep, although I do feel a bit floaty and brain-fluffy today.

I actually think I had it easier when she was a newborn! She slept for 3-5 hour blocks at night, and loads during the day. I was quite good at sleeping when the baby slept (I love naps). But then she would feed for hours at night, and I'd have to sit up straight and construct my mountain of pillows around us to begin with.

At 7 weeks Ivy moved out of our bed and into her carry-cot beside me. She was sleeping 6-8 hours each night, I was so lucky (and I'm sure other Mums hated me for it)! I was lulled into a false sense of security until around 4 months when Ivy was ill for a few days and since then most nights have looked a lot like last night!

Co-sleeping in the early days really took the edge off the sleep deprivation and saved our sanity, and it still does now. She starts off in her cot, but she sleeps better beside or on us (longest continuous sleep last night? Co-sleeping).

Photos from January and February. Ivy aged two days to six weeks

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