Not a good first

My poor baby is ill.

We woke up in the early hours of yesterday to an awful sound, which turned out to be Ivy's breathing. Each breath was like a growl. She awoke scared and unhappy, and after a feed her breathing sounded slightly more normal although very loud (it later returned to normal which seemed scarily quiet). We tried to give her Calpol but she wasn't happy to have the spoon in her mouth so we dipped her fingers in it and she sucked them (this was the first non-breastmilk substance she has ever had). Most of it went on her pyjamas. In the morning she was still wheezy and coughing, her babbling sounded like barking. The doctor listened to her chest, back and tummy, looked into her ears and even poked her toes. She thinks it will pass on it's own, and Ivy is fine. Ivy certainly seemed her usual cheery self and was very interested in all the things like the stethoscope and happy to meet a new person.

We both spent the day sleeping as much as we could and feeling pretty crappy. There were still plenty of smiles, even though Ivy is clearly feeling quite unwell. Today I am fine, but Ivy is still wheezy, snotty and sad, so we stayed home instead of going swimming (which is especially a shame because the lesson has already been paid for!). I think there is also some teething going on as she is happiest when sitting on my lap chomping on my fingers.

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