365 week 6

Monday 8th February
The sky reflected in the windows at the Kingsway (arts) campus.

Sky, reflected

This is my front door. I was waiting for post - dresses!

Waiting at the front door

Working in the studio, which has very high windows. These clouds look like they have been painted.

Painterly clouds

I have painted some Valentines cards, and used this tiny piece of tissue to absorb the excess watercolours. It's dry now, and quite pretty in its own right. I sold 10 cards this evening :)

Painty tissue

Mum, Dad and I visit Grandma, in Kent, for the weekend. This is her cat, Kitty, who likes my Grandma and no one else. I'm not a fan of her either, she makes me sneeze. She definately has a mean look about her, doesn't she?

Kitty cat

This elderly bear has sat on my Grandma's shelf for many years. I have been looking through some very old photos, even found one of Grandma as a baby!

Old bear and books

Back in Bristol and Kwojo and I are off to another brilliant evening of entertainment from the Invisible Circus. The dress code is shotgun wedding! I love this photo because you can see all these open mouths in the audience as this woman spins around high above our heads on a rope.

Open mouthed amazement

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