365 week 5

Monday 1st February
The sun is shining as I arrive back in Chester. My walk home from the station takes me along the canal. When I stop to photograph this couple, they swim over to me because they think I'll feed them.

Couple on the canal

The weather is rubbish. I am reluctant to leave the house today. It's my friends birthday today, I hope the sun is shining for her in New Zealand. I like that you can see upsidedown reflections of the houses in the larger raindrops. I later learn that it is also three years since my Grannie died in her sleep.

Houses in raindrops

A note from my Grandma, she has lovely curly old lady writing :)

Love Grandma

I walk past this on my way food shopping, it's a lovely old red brick abandoned building.


Reflections of a fairly epic sky in on of the windows on the arts campus. One month of photos (day 31)!

Sky panels

It's a gorgeous day and I'm heading to the studio. The sun glows on this moss that grows on a wall.

Glowing on the wall

This is on the back of the card I've painted for the boy.

Watercolour heart

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