We are lucky enough to have two advent calenders in this house, one reindeer with drawers from my Mum, and one sewn pocket bunting by me. And they are both for all of us! each day is a little something for someone, but not for everyone everyday. We decided that we didn't want Christmas (and advent) to be about Ivy getting lots of presents, so hopefully she will realise that it is about everyone else as well.

Yesterday in our bunting calender Ivy opened her first little gift. She was cautious at first, and kept giving it to me to open, so I showed her how if she slips her finger under the paper then she can tear it open. So she shredded it! She was very pleased with her spoon and fork set.

And this morning the drawer with a number 3 on it contained a little something for Ivy. Two felt balls! Yesterdays had a mysterious tea bag for Kwojo, and the day before a little chocolate for me.

We also watered the water. Fill the watering can from box of rain water, pour into box. And repeat. Also, Ivy thinks that all watering cans are called elephants.

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