12th &13th &14th

12.12.12 meant the third year of filming for the day for One Day On Earth. It was also my first day of being back to reality with Kwojo going to work, me no longer ill, and feeling the need for coffee again. We went to playgroup, walked a long way to visit a friend, and pretty much did loads of stuff in a celebration of being able to do stuff again.

I totally burnt myself out by mid afternoon when I decided to unpack the Christmas decorations and then got utterly overwhelmed by it and lost all desire for Christmas to even happen. This was the extent of my decorating capabilities.

I then rewarded myself for this immense effort with a DIY pain au chocolat/croisant with chocolate in the middle. Mmmm warm chocolate melty buttery pastry-ness.


On the 13th we ate dinner by candlelight as per the instruction in our advent calender pocket.


The 14th was another day of feeling totally burnt out by early afternoon. It seems the illness is gone but the exhaustion is harder to get over. And then Ivy didn't nap. So we watched the Gruffalo's Child DVD that she got in the advent calender that day. She is obssesswed with all things Gruffalo so she loved it and was transfixed (and very, very sleepy).

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