10th & 11th

Today I'm more ill, and so Kwojo stayed home to take care of Ivy so I could spend even more time in bed. It has been just what I need and I hope that all this rest means I'll be able to get through tomorrow without him. Another thing to note is that I have had no caffeine today. None. Because I didn't have to "get through the day" or stay awake. I've noticed lately that my caffeine intake has been creeping up as the days get shorter and colder, so it is quite refreshing to be without it for a day.

Kwojo and Ivy are out now, Ivy on his back. They have gone to buy me tissues, and veggie sausages for our comfort food dinner.


Somehow more ill. The only picture I took on the 11th, I didn't even leave the house (pretty much unheard of for me).

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