Our Halloween

Ivy's second Halloween, and she is old enough to enjoy some of the Halloween activities. She also chose to wear an orange dress that day, total coincidence!

We bought two little pumpkins, and Ivy got to play along at carving. While I drew my design on with pen, she drew (scribbled) with wax crayons. While I carved it out, she used her little metal but not at all sharp knife too. She also helped me scoop out the guts and seeds, sort of... she'd not keen on "yucky" stuff. I asked her how it felt and she said wet and soft. Picking up the slippery seeds required immense concentration, it required what we call Duck Face!

We went out with some little friends, had a little fire in a garden and toasted marshmallows. Ivy was confused by the marshmallows so she fed them to me instea. She loves being on my back these days, and if she see's our Ergo carrier she insists "Mummy back!". I love it too, and wish I could wear her more (damn you SPD). |Even though she is behind me, we can still have conversations and she will point things out to me. She bounces up and down in it with joy and I can somehow hear her smiling. She also nuzzles her head into my back, such a cuddley girl.

While Ivy was walking she lost her balance as she was tired from having skipped her nap. She fell forehead first onto the road and got a graze, bruise and big lump there. It was literally the worst injury of her life. It's all healed and now she has a white scar where the graze was. She keeps remembering and telling me the story of what happened. Our conversation goes like this:
Ivy: Hurt head
Me: Did you hurt your head Ivy? What happened?
Ivy: (with a sigh) Road.

Poor little skeleton.

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