Wordy Wednesday

In an attempt to keep up with the pace that Ivy is learning words, I'm making a note of them through the week and posting the list on Wednesdays. This week (or since whenever I last listed):

Socks (started off as "shucks" which was adorable)
Tick Tock (for a clock or watch)
No (manage to delay that one because we hardly say it to her!)
Milk (started off as "Mum" and then an amalgamation "Mulk" and now mostly "Milk")
More (said while signing "more")
Beep (to tell us that the washing machine/microwave/etc is beeping)

She isn't putting words together yet, just using them to request things or to tell us what she can see. With prompting she has said "Milk please".

She also says "hamy" for car. This is because the car sound is "harrum", so she ended up saying "ham" which became "hamy"!

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