Yesterday was the first day of this years UPFEST, and it's even bigger than last year. We spent a good few hours wandering around looking at the art and enjoying the music, there was a great festival atmosphere and I'm so excited to see the pieces develop over the next couple of days. I am generally just in a constant state of excitement and awe. Kwojo was designated photographer, so I have to give him credit for these photos.

Something new this year. A replica subway train carriage. Such a great idea to honour the roots of street art as we know it. It looks amazing already, I love the colours.

This portrait is stunning, no?

And inside, collaborative drawing. 

Plenty of portrait inspiration to get me off to a good start with Creative June (which I still think needs a better, um, more creative, name), as well as general feelings of OMGILOVEART. So much work goes on behind the scenes, I have massive respect to the volunteers who organise it. I also love Bristol for being home to events like this. 

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