Creative June

In an attempt to get back in touch with my creative side, I've set myself a challenge. And I have to mention it here so that it's out there and I'll stick to it. So for everyday of June, I will do something creative. What I really want to get out of this is to get back into the swing of drawing and painting, remember how to do it and start to build up a bit of confidence again. I get bursts of inspiration, but nothing ever comes of it. It is hard to prioritise something that is so self indulgent and totally for me. When I have time off (i.e when Ivy naps) other things seem more important like the washing up or having a nap too. But art is important to me, and I've been really craving it recently. I'm going to be kind to myself with this challenge, and if I can't sketch or paint (because you can't force these things) then I'll try a new recipe, or take a good photo, or do some crafting.

For now, here is my inspiration that I've been collecting on Pinterest. I like portraits, and colour.

And If you can think of a better name than "Creative June", let me know!

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