Free stuff and sun

Yesterday I picked up some stuff that had been left outside various houses round here, free to a good home. Sage sprigs, a wooden shelf/rack that will be perfect for our out-of-hand tea collection, and a baby bath to use as a paddling pool (inspired by this blog post). It was not easy carrying all that while pushing a pram!

Ivy did not nap AT ALL yesterday. She usually naps for three hours! That is one tired little face.

When she concentrates she sticks her top lip out like a beak. We call this duck-face.

Adding soil. Hmmm.

Ivy's shirt got wet, and cold. So I took it off and she asked to put Kwojo's t-shirt on, and used it to hide from the sun. Although she loves being outside, all that sun can be a bit much. She signs 'hot' to let me know.

And the seeds we sowed on Mother's Day started to make an appearance yesterday! One day, these will be tomatoes.

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