Al fresco dining

Today was the first day of 2012 we dined outside.

This girl loves being outside as much as I do, which makes me very happy.

Ivy also loves Charlie. She said "Woo woo" a lot today, and started to say something that sounds like dog ("doh").

Sitting in boxes, and especially being pulled around, is a new favourite.

Not pictured: We went to the park, and got Ivy out of the pram so that she could try walking around the main park area, rather than just the fenced in play area. Last time we tried this she refused to move and it was like her feet were rooted to the ground. This time she happily walked along holding hands and sweetly looking up at us, she got pretty confident too and went off in whatever direction she felt like. She walked loads, and obviously tired herself out as she even went to bed earlier than usual!

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  1. Looks like Charlie loves Ivy right back! At least, when there's food involved :-). What a beautiful famil you have!