Taking the same photo in the same place one year later

We took weekly pregnancy photos from 6 weeks. The last one was 39 weeks, exactly 1 week before Ivy was born.

Christmas Eve 2010 (very pregnant and very tired!)

Christmas Eve 2011

Well, we took a photo of Ivy and I in about the same spot in the dinning room. But when I went to look for it on the computer, I realised that over 100 photos were missing that I very stupidly deleted from my camera thinking I had already copied them to the computer. I am very, very sad about this.

Luckily though, we also thought to take a Christmas day photo in my parent's garden.

Christmas day 2010

Christmas day 2011

One of the first photos taken after Ivy's birth, in our dinning room. 31st December 2010

And one year later, 31st December 2011

What a difference a year makes!

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