New Years'

As 2010 became 2011 we were just getting into bed for the first time as a family of three, when we heard fireworks and remembered that it was New Years Eve. We went outside to see what we could see, and saw lots of Chinese paper lanterns drifting off into the dark sky. It was beautiful, and I took this incredibly unclear photo of it.

Then I took a very blurry photo of Kwojo holding Ivy. (It doesn't even look like he is holding a baby, just a blanket. You can't even tell which end her head is!)

It was around this point that we realised "Oh shit! It's freezing and we are standing outside with this tiny new baby!" And quickly went back to our warm bed.
When you have barely slept for three days your brain works pretty slowly.

This year, I got home from a party at about 11.30pm, and as I was hanging my coat up a little face appeared at the door frame. Little Miss Ivy smiled and crawled towards me. She hadn't wanted to miss the end of 2011 and the start of 2012. Again we got to see in the New Year together, as a family of three. Ivy got really excited during the countdown and shook her bag of Brio very noisily! She was also mesmerised by the fireworks on TV.

And I took more awful photos of fireworks outside. (That bright light may not look like it, but it was a firework. Honest.)

After all the excitement...

Ivy realised she was tired after all.

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