Oh me darlin'

Sometimes I am amazed by babies.

Ivy is a bit coldy, I feel like I'm coming down with something and she appears to be too (which by the way must mean that I caught it from her because if I'd got it first she would have got antibodies from my milk). And so she is not very interested in eating food. She was complaining to get out of the highchair and not even tempted by food that she would usually devour in seconds, when I decided I fancied a Clementine. I offered a piece to Ivy and she sucked and chomped on it enthusiastically until such time that she felt she'd got the goodness out, and then 'asked' for more. She did this to quite a few pieces, despite being uninterested in any other food.

Her body knew that it needed a bit of extra vitamin C to help her fight off the cold. And I find that really amazing. I'm so glad we trust her to decide what and how much to eat.

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