Free Standing

Recently Ivy has started standing unsupported a LOT. And by recently I mean today. It is really impressive. And it's also slightly scary/sad because it is one step closer to walking. Walking meaning that she would officially be a toddler and no longer a baby.

I'm surprised that this is the first time I've felt any sadness over her growing, in that panicky "OMG slow down!" way. I've never wished for her to still be tiny because I've always been enjoying the age that she is in the present so much. And I've loved each stage more than the last, but maybe that's the thing - I'm loving her right now so much it's hard to believe it'll get better! (I probably had also been too sleep deprived to realise she was growing or to think to be nostalgic).

And walking. Walking is something totally different. Walking is what separates babies from adults. Walking is kind of a big deal.

But it's ok because she's not walking yet. She's only just standing. So I should just relax and enjoy it while it lasts.

Yesterday (standing but holding on. Still no photos of free standing. I am too slow with the camera.):

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