Last night we watched BBC's Life in a Day, a film made up of footage taken by many ordinary people around the world, filmed on one day (24th July 2010 - my brother's birthday!). I really enjoyed it. It was disturbing, funny, sweet and beautiful. It included my favourite: birth! A giraffe was born in a zoo, and a Dad-to-be passed out while filming the birth of his baby via c-section! It also included death.

Last year I took part in a similar project One Day On Earth on 10th October (10.10.10). I barely uploaded my footage in time (I was quite pregnant and massively unmotivated), and was surprised to be asked to send the full files as it'd been short-listed. I won't know until I see the film whether mine was actually included, but it's nice to know that it was considered. All I filmed was going for a walk with Charlie-dog, so it wasn't exactly creative.

One Day on Earth - Motion Picture Trailer from One Day On Earth on Vimeo.

So I am planning to take part in the next of each of these projects. On Friday (11.11.11) I will film for One Day On Earth, and on Saturday for BBC's Britain in a Day.

I particularly liked the fact that there were a couple of clips of co-sleeping babies in Life in a Day. It is nice to see this normalised. This is how we sleep, but I am very aware that there is an expectation for babies to sleep in their own room and certainly in their own bed, so I am not always open about our sleeping arrangements.

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