I'm learning to crochet. Someone showed me one of the stitches last Tuesday, and it took me ages and a lot of focus (I'm not used to using my brain...) to get my head around it. Then I found an online, free, crochet school...

It's pretty comprehensive and she explains everything. I actually understand what I'm doing rather than just doing what I've been shown to do.

I'm only on lesson 6, out of a current 20 (but there are more to come), but I'm impatient so I've already started a pattern. I'm making Ivy these baby booties. I made one according to the pattern and it is teeny tiny, like newborn size (the pattern says 6-12 months! Ha!). So I'm making some changes to the pattern to make it bigger, which is tricky.

I'm hooked (sorry!).

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