8 months

All of a sudden we have an eight month old, how did that happen?! Six months was such a milestone, it meant that Ivy was closer to a year than a newborn and moving away from being a little baby to a big baby. Two months since then have shot by as she is doing all sorts of big-baby things like crawling and cruising.

Ivy continues to be incredibly sociable and loves it when friends come to visit. She is also very active, and will very, very rarely sit still on my lap. If there is nowhere to put her down to explore then it is a case of wrestling with her as she tried to grab everything, attempts climbing over my shoulder or lunges towards the floor.

And she is strong. If she grabs something and you try to take it away she has learnt to move her hand away so you can't! Gone are the days of removing things from her hands without her noticing, now you need something of equivalent or better value to swap.

Her favourite toy at the moment is her drumstick. She tends to go for that over anything else, and she just hold onto it and crawls around, stands up, just gets on with doing her thing while clutching it. She also seems to like green. Green triangle, green caterpillar, green car, green cucumber. She loves cucumber.

Eating cucumber on her 8 month birthday after my failed attempt at putting her to bed.

Chewing on her drumstick and examining her favourite green things.

Even as a big baby she also seems so small and sweet when she is sleeping (yep, Kwojo finally got her to sleep that night)

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