Copy Cat

I have noticed Ivy copying a few things recently...

When I poke my tongue out, she copies. But sometimes she is more interested in grabbing the thing sticking out of my mouth. When she touched my tongue for the first time her reaction was pretty amusing, she was surprised that it's wet and slightly disgusted.

Babies are actually born with the ability to copy basic facial expressions so at a few days old Ivy would stick her tongue out at us when we did it, and also copy an "o" face. Then we sort of forgot about it as we don't tend to stick our tongues out much in day to day life. (She also couldn't stick her tongue out far at all until her tongue-tie was snipped at 5 weeks)

My Grandma was singing Pat-a-Cake and clapping her hands at Ivy, who was watching intently and bringing her hands together and clasping them. It was adorable. Again, clapping is just not something that occurs in our daily life, and when she has experienced it it's been on a large scale so she has been confused about the noise. (Also, clapping is really weird, when you think about it)

Thirdly, raspberry's on the face! It's wet and slobbery and sounds like farts but I am so overwhelmed by The Cute every time she does it back to me. She even pounced on Alice after she gave Ivy a goodbye-raspberry on Thursday!

An only slightly related photo of Alice demonstrating how big Ivy will be next time she see's her:

And Alice blowing a raspberry:

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