Spicy Pinto Bean

She spots it.

This requires immense concentration. Cue duck face.

Oops, distracted. But who wouldn't be by that dinosaur bib?

She goes for it.

But it's slippery. So much concentration required.

Check out that pincer grip, only the second time ever I have seen her pick something up with one finger and thumb.

In the mouth!

Smushed it and spat it out.

The face of a baby who has tried to eat a pinto bean that is too spicy for her liking.

Raspberry blowing solves everything!

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  1. Oh Lauren, I just spotted this on facebook and had to have a look at how the lovely Ivy is doing? I've loved looking at the photos of her feeding herself and it has given me what I need to keep going with the BLW with Isaac. He has been getting a bit frustrated lately and I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if he just wants more food but having seen Ivy in action I'll persevere. I think part of it is that he is frustrated that his physical capabilities have not yet caught up with his brain so he wants to do what he is not quite ready for. Love those little babies of ours!!