Sunday Art Trailing

Another great day of the Southbank Arts Trail! Kwojo, Ivy and I spend 5.5 hours visiting 12 venues and many, many artists. Exhausting, but lots of fun and very inspiring. When we got home Ivy passed out in the pram (after spending the day in the Ergo carrier - much easier for navigating narrow hallways and stairs). She was perfectly happy looking at all the art and people, had a couple of feeds, a change, some sleeps, and got out of the Ergo to stretch and bounce.

It was very windy (Ivy was screwing up her face) and looked like it would rain, but instead turned into a beautiful day to wander around Southville. We even bumped into quite a few people we know.

This flat was incredible. The art was great but the way the place was decorated was immense. This is the first thing you see as you come up the stairs to the flat. A wall of gloves, right up to the ceiling, gloves. And a soft stags head emerging from the gloves.

The hallway was decorated with these cardboard branches and leaves which I love and want to recreate (and there is Kwojo and Ivy in the Ergo).

I almost missed this detail...

In the garden of the Southville centre where we stopped for a feed (Ivy) and to watch belly dancers.

At the Southbank Club we watched live art and music from Upfest, and talked to an illustrator that Kwojo first met at the Made in Bristol fair in December. It's great to be reminded how friendly people can be. Ivy nommed on our fingers. She tries to nom on everything now. Tables, bowls, toys, but especially fingers. If she meets someone new, she first tries to get their fingers in her mouth. She was trying to do this to an old man in the doctors waiting room yesterday and he laughed at her attempts and then was shocked at her strength. Don't laugh at the baby, old man, she is serious.

Out final visits, nearly home... Houses bunting!

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