365 week 4

Waiting for my train, and noticing how grand the station building is. More colourful terraced houses, as seen in Day 18. Goodbye Bristol.

Temple Meads Station

His plaited headband, and an owl I needlefelted for him. These little soft handmade things sit on my desk as gentle reminders when he is not here and I am not there.

Little made things

The weather is miserable, and I'm waiting for the bus to take me home.

Waiting on the bus

Working in the studio. My brushes are suffering.

Whithered bristles

Back in Bristol again! The boy and I wait for another friend's train to get in so take a wander and get hailed on while searching for an open coffee shop. I lent the boy my old camera to start his own 365. The moon was big and low and (almost?) full. In real life you could see the texture of it's surface.


Steph, who I haven't seen since Christmas and won't see again until Easter. We are all feeling a bit fragile and tired this morning.


At my parents house the boy takes the opportunity to go online. I love that he stays still for me to take odd photos like this.

His shoulder

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  1. I truly love your photos. I also have a picture a day blog, that I started this week. I do have plenty of pictures to go back in January but I'll leave it at this. If you want to check out this. The blog is actually a photo blog theme, so the background automatically changes according to the picture. That is why there are different colors. as well.

    Diana (phantomsmask)