The first painting I felt proud of

A portrait of one of my orphans, as most of my paintings and sketches are, her name is Ahnan and she was about two when the photo was taken. The painting is actually bigger than she was, which made it kind of odd to paint. I started with a chalk sketch and then went over it with watercolour paints and ink. This is one of the first times I included a bit of body in a portrait, and the first time that I painted in a background (which my tutors had been pushing me to do for a while, but I was reluctant). Aside for the background, the whole portrait was done in under two hours, all in one go while Kwojo was still sleeping one morning :)


One tutor pointed out that the painting has no lines, only edges, and I realised that that is one of the reasons I like it so much; there is definition without outlines. I also like the way that the colours of the paint have merged, pooled and dried together.

Of course, I know that the painting is not perfect and I have a long way to go still, but it's nice to feel good about my work every now and again.

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