April crafting

22. Robot top for Kwojo. When I made Ivy's original Robot top late year (or the year before?). She then told me that I needed to make one for Kwojo too. He was really keen, and Ivy kept reminding me (she has a good memory), so I finally did it! The robot is turquoise, as is the stitching around it. The button eyes are two different shades of green, and the heart is stitched in purple.

23. Robot top for Ivy. Because Ivy's grown out of her original robot top, and because I thought it would be cute if their robot tops coordinated! My figuring out the stitches on my machine has improved so much, this one is WAY better than the original! Her robot is also turquoise with turquoise stitching, but the eyes are purple and the heart is green.

24. Cork board. This was a project that Ivy and I started together, although she lost interest in it because of the multiple but repetitive stages involved. She chose the colour, and had the big responsibility of helping me paint it using Grown Up Paint (ie. acrylic), which she really enjoyed. When that was dry, we used a whole load of PVA to stick down the corks (which I'd cut in half with our bread knife, so they'd have a flat surface to glue down). We only had a few corks at a time, so it took a while to complete. It is now our tea menu, so we don't have to remember the 20 odd types of tea we have off the top of our head when offering people a drink.

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