Found photos that show all the bits of our garden, all taken this month.

The things I dislike:

- Scaffolding at the end of the garden which has been there since before we moved in. Other people kept commenting on it being still there, and are they even working on that house, etc, and it didn't really bother me until they started taking the scaffolding down and for the first time ever I imagined it not being there and got really excited. Then they stopped taking it down, and it's still there, but at least there is no longer a pole in our garden! Looking forward to that not dominating our view, one day, maybe...

- The mismatch walls and fences. The bare breeze-block walls are just so ugly and so very grey.

- The unpainted pebble-dash finish on the house. It's just so grey!

The things I like:

- The deck! It's so much nicer to walk, sit, play on wood rather than the concrete that was there before. It's so much softer to touch and to look at.

- The grass! It's pretty unusual in our area to have grass, as the gardens are so small that the grass doesn't get enough light to thrive.

And my plans to change:

- We're getting some raised beds put in the sides, and climbers planted to try to cover up some of the breeze-block and fencing.

- I want to have the trees at the end taken out as the grass towards the back of the garden is dying because they block too much light. And instead...

- A living willow or bamboo pole (with climbers, maybe beans?) teepee at the end of the garden to play in.

- To cover up some of the pebble-dash with boards for painting and boards with blackboard paint on.

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