January, February and March crafting


A fabric box (which currently houses Ivy's kitcheny toys. The pretty fabric softens the uggliness of all that plastic) from this tutorial thanks to Pinterest! When I read through the tutorial I was nievly optimistic on how quick it would be, thinking I could do it during one nap time. Didn't help that my interfacing isn't fusible so after trying to fuse it and nothing happening I had to use bondaweb too, which added a whole extra step. Anyway, I love it!

A skirt for Steph for Christmas (whoops. BUT, how nice to receive gifts in the middle of grey and drizzly January, it's almost like I planned it!). From this tutorial, also thanks to Pinterest. I don't have any photos though as I was just glad to have finished the damn thing having started it in early December (this is often how I feel about sewing projects by the end!). I had to make a lot of adaptations to the original pattern as I didn't have enough of one fabric and didn't want the elastic exposed like in the pattern.

Three birthday cards. A crossword style, things-you-like card for my Mum. A painted dinosaur card that says "Happy birthday Sophisaurs" for Sophie. And a painted lobster card for Jake (the only one I took a photo of).

An appliqué bird t-shirt for my cousin's daughter, Nina, for Christmas. I finished her twin sister, Aya's, before Christmas but there wasn't a rush as they were all in Brazil. The wing of the bird and ear of the elephant are flap-able :)


Elephant wall hanging for my Dad's birthday. I did this in one long afternoon and evening the day before his birthday, even though I'd been planning it for months! Another one of those projects I underestimate how long it will take.

Hot air balloon appliqué top for Ivy. I'm really happy with the design, but the stitching is a bit dodgy as the top is stretchy and I must have been stretching it when I was sewing so it's turned out a bit wobbly, especially around the basket of the balloon. The balloon is also a bit too big for the t-shirt so when it's on it's not clear what it actually is.


Emmelie's birthday skirt (also a circle skirt), two months late!

Robot appliqué top for Ivy. I gave her a choice of t-shirts, and a choice of fabrics and this is the combination she chose :) (ugh crappy photo)

Crocus fairy from Steiner playgroup.

I have also been working on: Crochet slippers for me, crochet bear hat for Ivy, purple dress for Ivy, family photo album.

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