Conversations with Ivy

Yesterday morning while I was making up nappies and putting away Ivy's clothes, she asked "Are you tired?" and then insisted that I sleep in her bed (I was feeling unwell) so I lay down and she rested her head on the pillow beside mine and said "You are lovely, Mummy".

She then asked "Where are you coming from, Mummy?" I wasn't sure what she meant so I tried a few answers "I came from over there" and pointed to where I'd been doing laundry. She asked again, so clearly that wasn't a satisfactory answer! Eventually I said Bristol and the way she said "Oh" told me that this answer was acceptable. She asked "Where is Daddy coming from?" and accepted London as an answer. I asked her where she came from and she said "I'm coming from your tummy, Mummy!". OH, so that's what she meant! So I corrected myself and said that Daddy came from Grandma's tummy, which she found interesting, and that I came from Granny's tummy, which she found disturbing. She said "No, you are not coming from Granny's tummy!".

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