I have been hardly taking photos at all recently. February was an all time low, I only took 134! Probably no coincidence that February was the month my Grandma died. The few photos I have taken are mostly not pretty, mostly blurry, often on my phone, but mostly taken so I'll remember something. I'm going to start posting these along with the thing I wanted to remember. Probably in a random order.


We got new toy shelves (YAY! ORGANISATION!) and Ivy found a bit of polystyrene from the packaging and found a few uses for it.

As food, for cooking. And cargo for the trains. Reminded me of her using pine needles at Christmas time for play food.

She also used it as tea in her tea pot, but then pretended to drink some and unintentionally inhaled some and so that was time for the polystyrene to go in the bin.

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