This morning was my morning off parenting and on Getting Stuff Done, this morning sewing Christmas presents. So here is what I am working on and have finished recently...

All that sewing is hungry work. I finally ate one of the three tomatoes I harvested from my plants. All that work and love and nurture and only three tomatoes! Well ok, I was actually pretty slack and was a bit of a rubbish tomato parent if I'm honest, so I'm lucky I got as many as three... I had to pick them in September when there were still green because it was getting frosty. They took a while to ripen on the kitchen windowsill but have been red for a couple of weeks now. I kept looking at them and thinking I need to eat them before they rot, but that it needs to be special. I finally just got on with it, grilled one and had it with my eggs. It was good.

Today was a no-nap day, so Ivy and I spent the afternoon at Bubbahub, playing and reading and having our photos taken by Alice. It was really lovely, at one point Alice was showing Ivy which button to press to set the flash off, which was fun. I'm looking forward to seeing this years photos! Here are some she took this time last year...

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