A few moments recently that I want to remember...

Ivy going out for an afternoon with Grandad and Charlie, backpack on and snack bag in hand, waving and saying "Bye bye Mummy!" with a beautiful smile on her face. It makes me so happy to see her confident and excited to spend time with the special adults in her life. I feel so grateful that we have these people, and feel like I have done something right for her to be so comfortable leaving me. I love hearing about the adventures they have (and if I'm lucky seeing photos!).

Ivy in the garden wearing her wellies, with her apple and milk, watching the builders with total fascination  Me watching her from inside while I hang up laundry. Another moment of feeling happy that she can feel comfortable without me, and how useful it is when there are those boring but necessary things to do. She also found a stick.

Ivy and I in a cafe, Ivy drawing, and for the first time she tells me what she is drawing (without any prompting).
"Apples! Apples! Apples!"
"Are you drawing apples, Ivy?"
"Drawing apples!"
I'll be honest, it didn't look like apples. It looked very much not at all like apples. It looked like blue zig zag lines.
"Wow, are you drawing round apples Ivy?"
Excitedly "Round apples!"
And then she did, she drew a curve. She knows what round means, and then she realised that she could actually do it. Gradually with lots of praise and more reminders of "Are you drawing round apples?" she drew lots of curves that even met to resemble circles. She was very excited by this, and then went on to draw a "Suma" (satsuma) and "manges" (mangoes). I even took photos.

You can also see on the other sheet of paper that she discovered painting with coffee. Hmm...

Ivy's first full English breakfast!

We went out for anniversary brunch, to the farm (we are so romantic like that!). Ivy just sat and ate her food, and we sat and enjoyed conversation with each other. At one point Ivy turned to me and said "Mummeeeey!" and you could tell from her voice that she was smiling, it was almost as if she was laughing my name. I replied "Iveeeeey!" in the same way and she was just so adorable that I couldn't not hold cup her face with my hand and kiss her cheek. She said "Mummeeey!" again, so I replied "Iveeeey!" and kissed her forehead, and we just carried on like that.

I noticed an oldish couple watching and smiling and I thought "they can see the love". And I could feel the love from Ivy in the way she was looking at me and saying my name.

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