Day 6: a book I'm reading

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November

Since I started thinking about training as a doula there has been no space on my reading list for fiction, it's all birth birth birth (and maybe a bit of parenting or breastfeeding thrown in). I recently rearranged our bookshelves to reflect this, as the fiction was taking up a lot of room but doing nohting but look pretty (they were arranged by colour, so they really did look pretty). I have found that I have started, but not finished, a lot of books this year. About six months ago I felt like I had reached saturation point with all the birthy books - there is really only so much that can be said (although I hate to admit it). But then this book was published...

And even though it's a birthy book, it's also not. It's also just about people and relationships and life itself. The '7 Words' was the framework for my doula training, and this book was written by one of the women who trained me, so I can really see the relevance of this book to just about everything. I find it incredibly grounding to dip in and out of, so I am in no hurry to get to the end.

Here are the rest of the books I am currently dipping in and out of...

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