Wordy Wednesday

Since passing the 100 words milestone, now seems a good time to stop with the weekly lists (not that I was great at keeping that regular anyway!). Ivy is still learning new words at an amazing rate so I'm going to use this regular post to record some favourites from the week (or longer...). Ivy-isms:

Ivy is getting good at copying words, or at least making a good effort. This week has included parmasan ("parma") and recycling. How middle class toddler is that?! Also attempts at saying platypus! 

Ivy's word for blueberry is "booboo".

Since getting an amazing Animals book (thank you Emmelie!) which Ivy is really interested in she has learnt more animal names. Her pronunciation of zebra is "ba-ra" which took me a while to figure out what she was saying.

She says 'come on' now. She started saying it as she pulls her wheelie Charlie dog along and turned to him to  gentle tell him to come on. So very sweet. Now she tells everyone to come on, including trying to get Kwojo out of bed in the morning! She has a bit of a bossy streak. She'll take someone's hand and instruct: Walk. Sit. Book. Read.

She uses the word "some", but after the other word she is talking about. So, babies some, milk some, cheese some. She also uses some to offer you something, so she'll hold her beaked to my mouth and say some to tell me to drink some (again with the instructing!). She may also use 'bit' in a similar context when asking for or offering a bit of something.

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