A couple of weeks ago Ivy came in from the garden to find me. She took me by the hand and led me outside saying "Boon! Boon!". I didn't know what she was saying until I saw it - a hot air balloon! It was so close we could hear the burner. We waved to it and Ivy said "Boon!" even after it had drifted out of sight.

She would then point out of the window or to the sky and say "Boon" hopefully for weeks after. Whenever she heard anything similar to the "Pshhh" of the burner she'd look for a balloon. We didn't see a balloon again.

On hearing her interest in hot air balloons, my Dad looked for pictures on his phone (because he looks up everything on his phone). This meant that whenever he would try to show her something else on his phone she'd point at the screen and demand "boons". Blackberry's are useful for one thing only, apparently.

We are lucky enough to live in Bristol, home to the Balloon Fiesta! So this is what our Friday evening looked like...

Close enough to hear the burner and the passengers shouting "hello" when we waved.
The evening was so still that the balloons were struggling to stay up and just about managed to get past road and houses to land in nearby fields.
My Dad got really excited and pursuaded us to go with him to the fields where they were landing, and I'm glad he did because the view was stunning.
One landed in the same fields as us, then decided to go back up and land in the next field.
When Ivy saw a Union Jack flag she recognised it from the balloon and said "boon".

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