Wordy Wednesday

I have neglected my Wednesday posts, but with good reason. So here is two weeks of words (or at least the ones I can remember...)

Button ("butty")
Knock Knock
Man (but still not girl or woman!)
Biscuit (her pronunciation on this varies, sometimes just "bisc", sometimes two syllables)
Juice (sometimes pronounce "douch")
Mouth ("mao")
Nose ("Nes")

She is attempting to say her own name, like when she sees herself in the mirror or a photo. She says "Eye-ee". Also, Emmelie is "Am-ee", and Granny sounds like "Nanny" - oh dear (my Mum thinks Nanny sounds old ladyish)!

Ivy is also starting to put words together. She saw a picture of a baby breastfeeding (on the spine of a book), and said "baby" several times, then "milk" a few times, and then "baby milk" (actually it sounded more like "bee-bee mulk"). I'm impressed that she recognised that the baby was having milk, especially as the picture was small and not close either!

One of her most used words at the moment is "Daddy". It is sweet and sad that she thinks of him so much when he is not here. Mostly she points to his things and identifies them as belonging to him.

She is pronouncing "Mummy" as "money". Which reminds me that she has decided on Mummy as what she will call me, and I am rarely called any of the variants any more.

She has said "monkey" and although I'm not sure she knows the meaning yet, I was impressed with her clear pronunciation. She copies lots of words now, like when Kwojo and I bumped into each other and said both said "sorry", she copied and said "soz". Oh dear, internet generation!

I love the way she is saying words at the moment, I keep meaning to get some videos so we can record this stage of language learning. This evening we managed to get one - "no". I actually find it really cute how she pronounces it...

The video also illustrates just how much she understands of what we say.

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