Mothering Sunday the 2nd

My day started with a lie-in and the luxury of making breakfast in peace, but that was enough time to myself because I actually really like spending time with my lovely little family. And look what Ivy and Kwojo gave me...

Ivory Flowers and luxury handmade Maison Loulou chocolates, no less!

While Ivy napped, I went out for coffee and cake with my own Mum (and Dad!).

It was a beautiful day to be outside. Ivy helped me sow tomato seeds. (We used egg cartons. Inspired by this post via Pinterest)

Figuring out the watering can took some practice, and involved some very wet trousers on Ivy's part. I'm looking forward to when it's warm enough to have intentional water-play out here!

I love this cheeky little girl

I am feeling very lucky to have these two (Kwojo and Ivy) in my life.

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