Today was such a great Sunday. Kwojo worked a 12 hour shift on Saturday, so Ivy and I gave him a lie in this morning. Ivy wore her purple cord dungarees for the first time, but hand-me-down in this case means a missing buckle. Possibly makes them even more cute, though!

Kwojo demonstrated how to eat with a bowl and spoon (as opposed to with hands straight from the table, as Ivy is used to). Ivy was interested, she's figuring it out in her own time by watching us.

We headed out to get a few bits, and then kept on walking so that Ivy could nap in the pram. We ended up at Spike Island, looked at the exhibitions there and then decided to stop for lunch and coffee and flapjack. It is fun to find new places, and it's fun to find them together.

Ivy slept the whole time, and stayed asleep long enough for us to make brownies when we got home. Which reminds me that I still haven't sampled them!

Recently Ivy has been pointing out of the window and at the back door a lot, so we bundled up and had a look at things outside. Most of the ice has melted, but some of the bigger bits are still hanging around. We looked at the few potted plants we have, and noticed the dew on the blades of grass. Ivy picked at leaves and pointed to buds. She found a bit of old toast (?) and put it back when I told her to leave it!

This evening I have been to the homebirth group, which has left me with a great birthy buzz. It is so lovely to be around expectant parents.

Yes, it has been a great Sunday, even if it did start with Ivy weeing outside of her nappy twice (the bed, the rug)!

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